Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Osteoarthritis Treatment

Osteoarthritis is not a single disease but rather the end result of a variety of disorders leading to the structural or functional failure of one or more of your joints. Osteoarthritis involves the entire joint including the nearby muscles, underlying bone, ligaments, joint lining (synovium), and the joint cover (capsule).

Signs and Symptoms:

Pain: Aching pain, stiffness, or difficulty moving the joint may develop in 1 or more joints.

Fingers: Bone enlargements in the fingertips (first joint) are common. These are called Heberden nodes. They are usually not painful. Sometimes they can develop suddenly and are painful, swollen, and red. This is known as nodal osteoarthritis and occurs in women older than 45 years.

Hip: The hips are major weight-bearing joints. Involvement of the hips may be seen more in men. Farmers, construction workers, and firefighters have been found to have an increased incidence of hip osteoarthritis.

Knees: The knees are also major weight-bearing joints. Repetitive squatting and kneeling may promote osteoarthritis.

Spine: Osteoarthritis of the spine can cause bone spurs or osteophytes, which can pinch or crowd nerves and cause pain and potentially weakness in the arms or legs.

Role of Homeopathy :

In osteoarthritis the homeopathy remedies can reduce the pain, stiffness, swelling within a very short period. the cartilage, ligament and tendons damage can be improved in long term homeopathy treatment. Thousands of OA patients are getting remarkable result with our arthritis treatment packages.

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